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If you are in need of legal assistance, you have come to the right place! We provide free legal assistance in the following areas: Consumer Rights; Contractual Disputes; Employment Law Rights; Family Law and Housing. No one in the community should feel like they are being robbed of their rights and everyone should know what they are entitled to. Find out the work we do in the community and if you need our help, drop us a mail.

We Can Advice You On


Consumer Rights

We provide advice on disputes about a product or service.

Employment Law

We can advise on various employment law matters including bullying and harassment, discrimination, unfair dismissal and redundancy.

Contractual Disputes

We can advise on various contractual disputes including; utility bills, mobile phone contracts and contracts for goods and services.

Family Law

We can advise on divorce and separation, child contact disputes, child care proceedings and cohabitation issues. 

Housing Law

We provide advice to landlords, tenants, owners or occupiers on various housing issues such as possession and eviction, homelessness and disrepair.


We are not your typical advice clinic.

You can access our advice centre 24/7. Receive an answer to your legal questions straight to your phone, tablet, computer or laptop. No need to wait in a phone queue or leave work, home to attend an appointment.

 It’s a virtual legal advice clinic where people can send their legal questions at any day and time of the week. The service operates outside the normal working hours of other advice clinics. The service is free and not only will we provide initial advice and information but provide letter templates and provide the user with options available to them.


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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are qualified and professional solicitors, barristers and advisers with substantial experience and expertise in their respective fields. 


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